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83. Nerve Grafts for Erectile Function Post-Prostatectomy: A Patient’s Perspective

May 6, 2022

For today’s episode, we talk to Tony who at 49, underwent nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy.  

Tony learned about nerve grafting whilst listening to the radio. And almost immediately, he knew this was what he needed for his penis. So together with his wife, he booked an appointment and the rest is history.  

Tony will share with you his nerve grafting journey – from the pros to the cons. He will talk about a lot of things like:  

  • That One major side effect that came with the surgery (numbness, nope not of the penis) 
  • How long did his recovery take (rule: no touch for 9 months)  
  • Who qualifies for the surgery 
  • The costs 
  • His surgery timeline and procedure; and, 
  • His intent to not offend anyone above 70  

Have a listen to this honest and raw account of Tony. We know you’ll be able to learn a lot.  

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