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84. The Man Walk; Walk, Talk, Support

May 11, 2022

Did you know that 1/3 of Australian men do not have blokes to talk to? 

So today, we will talk with Mark who will share about The Man Walk, where you can find blokes to walk and talk with.  

The Man Walk started when Mark, with the help of his wife, wanted to change his routine. He started a daily morning walk from 6 to 7 AM. And along the way, a few men blokes and friends heard about what Mark was doing that they too joined him...  

Because of this, The Man Walk was born.  

Come along and listen to what The Man Walk is, what it does, and how amazingly simple it is but builds massive impact!  

Mark shared with us how side-by-side discussions (as in when you walk) help make conversations lighter for men, testimonials from the blokes, and how you can join or initiate Man Walks too!  

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