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85. Fit For Life: Prepared for Prostate Cancer

May 18, 2022

Just a heads-up, the audio has a bit of issues but the discussions are still clear. We will make sure in our next podcasts to figure out the issue causing this. If anyone of you have an idea why this happens, we would be thankful for your thoughts and solutions!   

For today’s episode, we will talk with Kanga who had his Radical Prostatectomy at 50 years old.  

Kanga, with a family history of cancer, already braced himself... so when his results came out, he was somewhat ready. Fit for life, which is his mantra, prepared him for Prostate Cancer. 

He will share with us how his journey was – from the time his catheter was removed to monitoring his continence, to erections, using challenge doses, injections, fitness, side-effects, and more.  

Have fun listening to Kanga and his positive experience!   

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