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86. Meet RJ Windham; Author and a Prostate Cancer Adventurer

May 26, 2022

Today, we speak with RJ Windham – an author, a survivor, and a Prostate Cancer adventurer.  

RJ is a survivor of various incidents – from a hit and run, to terrorist bombings and then, to Prostate Cancer.  

It was in 2019 when RJ was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer after a 4K blood test. It wasn’t smooth sailing because, in the middle of his treatment, the pandemic hit, and he had to switch doctors due to health insurance issues.  

He likes to call his journey an adventure. Why do you ask? He will tell you.  

Now, RJ is not only a survivor but also an advocate who tells you that YOU can survive. Plus, he has written a book that lets you Unlock the Keys to Better Sex Without Prostate

To listen to RJ’s story, just click the button below. Please make sure to read the full show notes for the resources.  



RJ Windham Website and his books: 


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