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88. Foreskin Restoration In-Depth with David Smith

June 8, 2022

Today, we will talk more about foreskin restoration.

We discussed this in Episode 67 when we interviewed Tim. And since Dr Jo and I wanted to know more about it, we have invited David Smith, the CEO of 15Square.

David will share with us what 15Square is, what they do, how the organisation was formed, its growth, the different issues surrounding circumcision that the organisation tackles, and the interesting story ofwhy they named the organisation 15Square.

It’s quite an insightful episode where we zone in about circumcision or non-circumcision:

  • Statistics all over the world
  • Its history
  • How circumcision or non-circumcision affects males in terms of physical, psychological, etc
  • Restoration procedures, its success, options
  • What to do to look after your foreskin
  • Preputioplasty
  • Alternatives to circumcision
  • Awareness and medical collaborations around circumcision
  • And a lot more


What to do to look after your foreskin

  • Don’t retract it until ready – don’t force it 

  • Never get soap in genitals 

  • Try to check Alternative to circumcision - stretching- devices etc. Booklets below are available for download:
  • Alternatives for circumcision
  • Clinical guidelines for the treatment for phimosis


Worldwide Day of Genital Autonomy Events

WWDOGA 2022, Live Event: [07/12] David Smith, 15Square (UK)

15Square Website:


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