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23: Mrs Parker

March 3, 2021


Episode 23: Mrs. Parker

Prostae Cancer from a wife’s perspective


We have received a lot of requests to interview and hear the stories of the partners of patients diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. 


So for today’s episode, please meet Mrs. Parker. 


Mrs. Parker is Mr. Parker’s spouse, who we interviewed for our 3rd episode. If you have not listened to Mr. Parker’s interview, click here to listen to Episode 3: Parker


Mr. and Mrs. Parker were just recently married when they both learned of the Prostate Cancer diagnosis. 


At first, they were both anxious but with good prognosis and faith in the healthcare system, they moved to proceed with the advised treatment. 


Mrs. Parker always joined Mr. Parker at his appointments, from pre-op throughout his journey.


She mentions that it is important to go along with your partner so you can pick up information that your partner might miss. 


Her advice, “It is a good thing to go along”. 

There are two takeaways we’d love to share with you coming from this Episode 

  1. For significant others, it is good to go along with your partner during appointments. 
  2. Don't be disappointed in the first 12 months if you can only get a good erection with injections or oral medications. 


We hope you enjoy Mrs. Parker's story and learn more about injections, and when is the best time to use oral meds vs injections, and a ton more of helpful information.  


Stay tuned for the final lesson at the end, especially for the campers out there! ;) 



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